Week of 4/12-4/16

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s do a recap of the past weeks in Kindergarten!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who met with me for conferences. It was so lovely to talk to you all and I’m really looking forward to wrapping up the end of the school year.

Kindergarten has been doing lots of sentence writing, and I’m excited for you all to get their journals at the end of the year and see their progress!

Students have also been doing a lot of building words on their own, utilizing all sorts of different things like their blocks, spelling games, and of course their white boards! They have been pushing themselves to read more and more challenging books independently and with partners. It’s wonderful to see them read with their classmates and see how they encourage and help each other.

We also have continued to use our tablets as a center, and I have been using my document camera to make it easier for us to do our reading workbook pages! Now that we are getting into sentence building, more and more of our workbook pages have to do with finding missing letters from words or missing words from sentences and figuring out what makes the most sense. We also played sight word bingo the other day on laminated bingo cards so students could just cross out the words they found! This was a fun way to practice their sight words but also practice tapping out and decoding words they did not remember or recognize.

We’ve been doing more and more hands on activities and working in our workbook, so if you see less reading work coming home in student’s folders – that’s why!

A cross curricular moment with our reading and science lessons occurred last week when we ready a story from our reading curriculum about tornados! This sparked a really interesting conversation about the weather and the different kind of extreme storms that can occur. We then made a list of the different kind of storms there are. We also discussed how they happen in different environments and parts of the world, and how there are different ways to keep ourselves safe in these situations.

Last week we celebrated Sola and Loyal’s birthday, which they share! Students got pizza AND ice cream. Such a treat!

In Math we practiced a lot of skip counting, but students also worked on comparing objects based on weight, height, length, and more! We transferred these skills to real life and the students had to put themselves in height order from shortest to tallest without any help from me! It took them a little bit but they got it eventually! It was tricky because a lot of them of are so close in height, but they did a great job.

Stay tuned to see another newsletter this afternoon about the week of April 19th!

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