Week of 9/20/2021

Hello everyone!

Thank you for being so understanding about this week’s newsletter being delayed. Let’s get into it!

Last week students learned about the color red. We will be doing a new color every week, working on recognizing the color word along with identifying the color (which should be a review for them).

In reading last week we learned the letters Yy, Ff, and Aa. We then took Thursday and Friday to review all of the letters we have previously learned! Students have been searching for letters throughout the room and practicing writing them. But they also had the chance to practice writing letters in the sand in a sensory activity we did during centers on Friday! Students loved this activity and all were on their best behavior so that they could take part in it.

They also reviewed the sight word ‘am’.

We also played ABC Bingo once again, and it’s wonderful to see progress already with the letters that students are able to recognize now versus the ones they recognized at the beginning of the year!

We also completed our DIBELS assessments for their reading skills, which will help us differentiate student’s reading needs throughout the year. I will be progress monitoring them throughout the year and doing this assessment two more times, at the middle and the end of the year.

In Math this week students wrapped up their chapter on sorting. They got to try using the SMART board while we checked our independent work together!

In Science, we got more in depth with the seasons. With Fall beginning, it was the perfect opportunity to start learning more and more about the differences between the seasons. We listened to two different songs about the seasons to help us learn about them. Here are the links to both:


Then we did a sorting activity where we sorted different clothes and objects that we would need in certain seasons. We also read the book Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak which gives more details about the differences between Summer and Autumn.

Students also had Mass again this week and they did a wonderful job!

Many students have collected enough tickets for good behavior to start earning prizes throughout the week. A popular one has been bringing a toy from home, bubble during Free Play, and eating lunch with Ms. V. 🙂 Some students have been saving their tickets for one of the larger prizes, and I’m proud of their patience this early on in the year! LOL!

Thank you to everyone who responded to my email about missing jackets. Please be sure to write your student’s initials or name in theirs so that we are able to keep track of everyone’s! Also – please don’t forget to be checking your student’s folder, especially the items on the Return To School side. Thanks for your continued help with having smooth communication!

Have a great day!



Ms. V

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