Week of 10/4/2021 and 10/11/2021

Hello everyone!

Thank you for being patient with these! Let’s recap these past two weeks.

Kindergarten has been doing a lot of centers work the past two weeks. With Ms. Kelly’s help, students have been doing some small group work to practice some reading and math skills. They’ve been working on having the responsibility of working in a small group and working as a team to complete a task.

Ms. Byron, one of the school guidance counselors, came to our classroom to help work on some listening skills. Students will get visits from her a few times this year.

In Science we have started talking about how living things survive and grow. We talked about the things that we need to survive as humans and then we talked about how plants need very similar things. We made some KWL charts about plants — what students already Know and what they are Wondering. When we are done we will make a what I Learned about chart. It’s interesting to see what students have already learned so that we can see where to start and what they are interested in! We went on a nature walk earlier this past week, in which students used their five senses to make observations about the plants around our school. We smelled lots of flowers and saw tomatoes growing in the garden. We even got gifted some tomatoes and tasted them during snack time! We also read a story about grass growing, and it had a another message about how we all are unique and grow in our own ways.


Students have also been practicing their puzzles! They’ve even started working together as a team to complete some bigger floor puzzles together.

In Math, students have been working on putting numbers in counting order and forming them correctly. We have been using play-doh to practice making them. We also did a class vote on student’s favorite special in order to introduce tally marks, which we will be working on along with learning vocabulary words like ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’.

During quiet time (when we have our mask break) this past Friday students made some jack-0-lanterns that will be hung up in the classroom. They cut up shapes to make the face and some students even got really creative with their faces!

In reading, students have been working on letters Ss, Ll, Rr, Vv, Oo, Zz, Cc, Jj, and Qq. They have also been adding a few words to their word wall and practice using them in sentences. We have been doing words like ‘like’ and ‘to’ and having students practice reading short sentences but also picking them out of passages. We also have been utilizing tools in our classroom like our white boards to play games. One has been that students have to write down the letter I say out loud and hide their letter until we all reveal them all at the same time and see who wrote down what. Students have also been placed in reading groups based on what skills they need to work on and we have started working on those skills during centers. We also learned about syllables or “clapping out” the beats of a word and students have picked up on it very nicely!

Students have also been using their tickets to earn different prizes. One of the big ones that has been popular now is the new flexible seating prize — students have options to use bouncy balls as chairs as well as “wobble” chairs, scoop chairs, and more! Some students have evens saved up enough tickets to have big prizes like sitting in the teacher chair for a whole day and having their shoes off in the classroom!

We will be diving into some more Halloween activities within the next week! Please reach out if you have any other questions about what has been going on in our classroom.

Have a great week!


Ms. V 🙂

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