Resources for Online Instruction (March-May 2020)

How we will be meeting live (I will send out the specific link the day before or day of):

  1. Zoom:


Online access to the textbooks we use

  1. Pearson Realize for Reading, Science, and Social Studies (Usernames and passwords will be sent out soon!):
  2. Sadlier for Math:
  3. Religion:


Apps we use in school that you can download for free to use at home (some have in-app purchases):

  1. Khan Academy Kids
  2. PBS Kids Games
  3. Kindergarten Kids Math Games
  4. Endless Reader
  5. Moose Math


Apps and websites to try:

  1. Vooks (virtual books!):
  2. Scholastic:
  3. IXL is doing a 30 day free trial and it is aligned with all of our textbooks and state standards, good for reviewing things in Math and Reading!:
  4. Games for both reading and Math, differentiated by grade and topic!:
  5. Epic! Books for Kids:


Fun educational videos and shows to watch

  1. Ask the StoryBots on Netflix
  2. Jack Hartmann on Youtube
  3. GoNoodle (we often use these for brain breaks!):