Pre-recorded Lessons for Online Instruction (March 30-April 8)

Week 1

March 30, 2020

Morning Meeting: We did our calendar and figured out the date, sang our months of the year song, sang Happy Birthday to both Ethan and Zy’aire who both celebrated birthdays this past weekend, showed off our favorite toy for show and tell, and came up with a list of things we miss about school!

ELA Lesson: We did pages 333-334 in our packet (the first two pages of it) and had some independent reading time. We then made a list of X words that we know, reviewed some of our sight words, had a dance party to the letter X song, and reviewed our vowels and consonants. The assignment is to write a sentence on page 3 of your purple Handwriting workbook using an X word and draw a picture to illustrate your sentence. (For example, “I see a fox.”) Make sure the capitalization, punctuation, and spacing is correct! Send a picture of your assignment to receive credit.

The website is not allowing me to upload the recorded live lessons because they are too large, so I will be emailing them to those who were not present instead!

Math: A parent pointed out to me that the Math pages I had previously assigned are not in the workbook. I had forgotten to note that those were used in a previous packet, and I have the Teacher Edition workbook. Due to my mistake, there is no Math assignment today. Hopefully we will be on track tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Social Studies: Please watch this tutorial video on how to access the website to use the textbook. Then complete assignments on Pearson Realize using the student’s account and do the drawing assignment.


March 31, 2020

Morning Meeting: Thank you to all who joined us for the Morning Meeting this morning! We did a show and tell with our pets, went over some sight words, did some yoga, and talked about why we have to stay at home during this scary time using this wonderful resource that was shared with me by Marco’s mom.
We also completed pages 337-338 in your students’ packet for Morning Work. The meeting was recorded and sent to those who were unable to attend!

English Language Arts (ELA): Follow along with me in the video to do an activity on segmenting CVC words and deciding if they are real words or “silly words”. Then there is an assignment to do independently — make a list of words that rhyme with ‘lot’ on page 2 of your purple Handwriting book. Send pictures as proof of completion of both the activity and independent assignment! (Video has been split into parts 1 and 2 due to the length.)


Math: We are meeting live at 12:15 on Zoom, using the same link as this morning which is on our ClassDojo page. We will be doing pages 417-418 in our Math workbook together and then playing 2 Math games together as a class. I also will be sending out a link to games that your student can play that pertain to what we did today. The meeting will be recorded and emailed to those who are unable to attend.

Science: On Pearson Realize, go to the section called Environments and go through Lesson 1 “Where Plants and Animals Live”. You will be completing the activities on your computer, and sending in a picture to me of the ‘lab’ you completed — drawing pictures of plants and animals that live near you!


April 1, 2020

Morning Meeting: Today we did our Calendar, talked about the weather briefly, took turns sharing with each other our favorite exercise and doing them, and we reviewed some more sight words!

ELA: Students will be live with me to do their decodable story that is attached to the back of their packet. We will first spend time coloring in the pictures, then we will read it together as a class following the steps: listen, echo, read independently. We also will be pointing out X words in the text and other sight words that we are focusing on and practicing them!

Then students will watch this video and follow along with this introduction to action words/verbs. Students will be decoding words, watching me identify which are action words, and then will write down the action words in their handwriting notebook on page 5. After writing them all out, they will pick one to circle and illustrate in the space above. Send me a picture so I can see proof of completion!

Math: Students will be doing pages 419-420 in their Math workbooks today, be sure to take pictures of those pages and send them to me! Then, watch this video with your student to see how to solve subtraction problems when we are missing a number from the number sentence. I give different ideas for making it more hands-on, which can make this concept clearer and more enjoyable for many. Then, solve the problems listed below on a piece of paper and send me proof of completion!

Solve these problems for today’s Math assignment.

April 2, 2020

Morning Meeting: Today we did our Calendar, did some morning yoga to warm up our bodies, reviewed some letter sounds, and talked about what we ate for breakfast!

ELA: Students will be live with me to complete pages 339-340 of their packet. They also will be live so we can read the book Mayday, Mayday! together. This is the book of the week for their unit. Students will be asked vocabulary and comprehension words as we do read to check for understanding. Then afterwards, students will be sent a read aloud video to follow along with of a leveled reader specifically for them. I will not need proof of completion, I trust you will have your student watch these to have them practice their reading abilities! Students who are not present for the lesson will have the recorded video of it sent to them.

Math: Watch the lesson below for an ordering activity to follow along with. Submit answers afterwards with a picture sent to me. Also, complete pages 419-420 in Math workbook and take pictures to submit when complete.

Social Studies: Sequencing Activity (cross-curricular with ELA) on Pearson Realize in Chapter 5, then begin the Quest Project-Based Learning: Making Your Timeline. We will start this project by making a timeline of what our day looks like. Write your timeline down with a grown-up’s help in your Handwriting notebook on page 4 and send me a picture when you are done!


April 3, 2020

ELA: Students will do the last pages in their packet, which should be pages 343-344. Then students will watch this video of me reading a decodable story online using the screen share function (this text is also on Pearson Realize in the eText section — click My Skills Buddy and then go to unit 5, Week 2, page 38). I am having students follow the steps listen, echo, and do by yourself. Afterwards, I go through and circle all the action words, underline the X words and identify the color words. Students will then have to copy down three sentences from page 37 of their online text on page 6 of their handwriting notebook. I show you the sentences in the video, it might be easiest pause the video there and have your student copy the sentences from there. These sentences have the three color words they have been practicing this week — blue, green, and yellow. Then a picture will have to be sent to me of their sentences for proof of completion.

Math: Students will be meeting live with me at 12:15 pm to do our workbook pages 423-424 together. Then we will be doing the mental math problems together from Sadlier’s website. Students who are not present will be sent a video of the lesson and will have to send in a photo of their completed work.

Science: Go through the section in Environments Lesson 2 “Plants and Animals Change the Environment” and complete the online activities. Send me a picture of a drawing you made showing how squirrels could change their environment and/or a video of you explaining how they do this!


Week 2

April 6, 2020

Morning Meeting: Packet pages 345-346

ELA: Students will be doing a review of the letter U, making a list of U words, and then writing a sentence using a U word on page 7 of their Handwriting workbook. We also will be reading the decodable story attached to the packet for this week, Fun for Jud.

Math: Students will do the Chapter 11 Performance Assessment and Fluency Practice on pages 425 and 426 live together on Zoom at 12:15 pm. Then students will be doing pages 429-432 on their own in their workbook, starting chapter 12 and reviewing numbers 11 and 12. After done, please be sure to send pictures of completion!

We will be going through chapter 12 rather quickly because a lot of it is review.

Social Studies: Students will be doing Ch. 5 Lesson 2 on Measuring Time on Pearson Realize. Please have students do the activities online and draw the picture assignment of what the day looks like versus what the nighttime looks like, and send proof of completion!

April 7, 2020

Morning Meeting: Packet pages 349 + 351

ELA: Students did a review of action words — we came up with our own and then we found them in sentences that we read together. We then read the book Word Play by Adam Lehrhaupt and talked about how action words are also called verbs and they help they all the other words because they are the only words that can DO something. After a quick Brain Break, students then did a lesson on consonant blends. They had to practice tapping out words with 4 sounds and separating the blends, and then come up with words that started with specific blends. I am posting leveled reader read aloud videos for students to do at home, and I will let you know which one your student needs to watch and read along with!

Math: Watch this simple review on the vocabulary terms greater than, less than, and equal to. Then, do pages 433, 434, 435, and 436 in your Math workbook to continue working on comparing numbers up to 12. Be sure to take a photo of your completed work and send it to me in order to receive credit.


Science: We will be meeting live at 1:45 to do a STEM lesson together. First we will listen to the story On The Construction Site. Then students will be asked to build things using materials like paper, blocks, cardboard, etc. from around the house to test our own building skills and to see what kind of weight our buildings can hold, and we will be doing it together via Zoom! Students who are not present will be asked to watch the video and then create their own building and send in photographic evidence.

April 8, 2020

Morning Meeting: Packet pages 350, 352, 354, 356

ELA: Please watch the recorded read aloud of our Unit Book this week, Trucks Roll, which is uploaded onto ClassDojo for technical reasons! I ask students vocabulary and comprehension questions throughout, just for them to respond at home and to start a conversation with you about the story they are reading! Due to the extra pages given in their packet, there is no additional assignment.

Math: Do workbook pages 437 – 440 and then send proof of completion! Then, try this fun building challenge! Can you build a tower that is as tall as you? Now can you build one taller than you? Send me pictures when you are done!

Religion: We will be live at 1:45 to have our Religion lesson about Easter: what happened, what it means, and why we celebrate it! We also discussed why we hunt for eggs on Easter!