Pre-recorded Lessons for Online Instruction (March-May 2020)

Here are links to the pages that contain the lessons and assignments your students are doing online. In order to keep things clear and concise I am forming a new page for every two weeks.

Each day is broken up into the three subjects they are doing that day. Live lessons on Zoom are recorded and emailed to parents of students who were not present. Because these lessons on Zoom are so long they are not able to be uploaded onto this website.

Quarter 4:

Week of March 30 – April 3 and April 6 – April 8 (a short week due to Easter)

Week of April 14 – April 17 and April 20 – 24

Week of April 27 – May 1 and May 4 – May 8

Week of May 11 – May 15 and May 18 – May 22

Week of May 25 – May 29