Pre-recorded Lessons for Online Instruction (April 14 – April 24)

Week 3

April 14, 2020

Morning Meeting: Pages 358 + 362 in their packet for the week (these are the first two pages). We will also be talking about the weather, tracking our calendar, and talking about pennies!

ELA: We will be meeting live right after the Morning Meeting to review action words and words that have consonant blends. We will also be doing a read aloud of Clifford’s Good Deeds by Norman Bridwell. Here is a read aloud of it:

We discussed what good deeds and why they are important. Then we used this story to help us review action words. We made a list of all of the action words in the story that we could think of!

After that, we reviewed blends. Here is a video of a song about blends that we watched to help us remember what they are:
Then, we went through our list of action words and circled the ones with blends.
After that, we made a separate list of the words that have blends in the beginning of the sentence.
In our handwriting notebook on page 8 we wrote down the 8 action words from the story that have blends at the beginning of the word . Then students circled the blends in each word. Please take a photo of your student’s work writing out these 8 words with the blends.

Math: Watch this recorded lesson below for the Domino Math Center page (which is on addition) in their packet. Have your student complete the page along with me! Then send a photo of their completed work. Students then need to do pages 441-444 in their Math workbook to review numbers 13-14, and send in photos of the pages once completed.


Science: Your student will need to go on Pearson Realize and complete the work on the website and go through the online textbook. You do not need to complete the lab on there! Then, have your student watch the video below and complete the assignment that I describe in the video: write in your Handwriting notebook on page 9 “Plants get water through their ________.” Fill in the blank and draw your own flower getting water in the space above.


April 15, 2020

Morning Meeting: Happy birthday to Ny’sir! We love and miss you! Students will be completing pages 361 + 363 in their packets today, doing our calendar, and tracking the weather.

ELA: Students will be listen to this read aloud of their story of the week The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper.

After reading the story, please have your students watch this video that recaps the story and gives them directions for their assignment for today. Their assignment is to write in their Handwriting book on page 11 a sentence about something that is hard for them, but that they want to keep trying to do. They should use the sentence frame, “I think I can ____________.” Afterwards, they will draw a picture of them doing that thing! Then take a picture and send it to me for proof of completion.


Math: Students will be live at 12:15 pm in order to complete the Check Your Progress page in their Math workbook together (pages 445-446) and then complete some of the Mental Math and Problems of the Day that are up on Sadlier’s website. If you are not present for the live lesson then please have your student complete the workbook page and send proof of completion.

Social Studies: Students will be doing their online Pearson Realize work based on Interpreting Timelines. Please watch the 3 videos below after going through the assignments and online textbook and complete the assignment of writing out the timeline of a plant’s life in the purple Handwriting notebook on page 10. You do NOT need to do the assignment of making a timeline of your day at school, because we have already done that.

Here are some examples of how you can write out the life cycle of a plant in a way that makes sense to your Kindergarten student! There is no pressure to include words like germination or pollination, as that is something they will learn about when they get older.

Life Cycle Of A Plant Worksheet For Kindergarten & life cycle ...Trend Enterprises Life Cycle of a Plant Learning Chart | T-38179 ...

April 16, 2020

Morning Meeting: Students will keep track of their calendar and weather, and then we will talk about nickels! Students will also color their decodable story that is at the end of their packet.

ELA: Students will be live on Zoom reading their decodable in their packet together as a group, then doing a brief review of blends. Students will then do the sight word page for the word ‘come’ in their packet for this week.

Math: Today students will be doing workbook pages 447- 450 which is focused on the number 15. They also need to watch this quick video talking about how to practice counting by 5s using the help of nickels! Students will need the help of a grownup to find all of the nickels they can and then count them up to see how much money they have! You can take a picture of you counting them, or write out how they skip counted by 5s, or even send a video! As long as I can see them counting and then tell me how many cents they had.

Social Studies: Students will do Chapter 5 Lesson 3 Weeks and Months online at Pearson Realize. This section is an important review! We talk about often how time is group by days, weeks, and months but this concept can be difficult for Kindergarten to grasp because it is so abstract. Please complete the whole section including the quiz at the end. The lesson check activity — writing the months on slips of paper and having your student put them in order should be done and taken a photo (or video of) so I can see proof of completion.

April 17, 2020

Morning Meeting: Students will be tracking the weather and their updating their calendar, then they will be doing the Brain Dance. Students will be doing pages 364 + 366 in their packet for this week.

ELA: Students will be live right after their Morning Meeting to do some reading comprehension. They will be doing the reading comprehension page in their packet, together as a class. Then we will be working on verbs within the passage on that page. Afterwards, students will get assigned a read aloud video to watch and participate in which will be posted onto Class Dojo.

Math: Students will be doing workbook pages 451 – 454 in their Math workbook. Then they will do the last page in their packet, the Flip Flop ordering page. After all assignments are completed please take pictures and send them to me.

Science: Students will be completing Lesson 4 Life Cycles in the Needs of Living Things chapter on Pearson Realize. There is no quiz to do. The assignment that should be done afterwards is included in the text — students should draw the 3 basic stages a caterpillar experiences (caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly). This can be done on the page in the text that can be downloaded and printed out or on a blank piece of paper. Take a picture and send it to me!

Week 4

April 20, 2020

Morning Work: Students will be doing pages 369-370, the first page in their packet for this week. We also will be doing our calendar, weather tracker, and learning about dimes!

ELA: Students will be listening to a read aloud of the story Alexander, Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst to connect our mini Math lesson on dimes in the Morning Meeting to ELA. If your student is not able to be on our live Zoom meeting for this, here is a great read aloud of the story that also does a review of counting coins beforehand Students will then be focusing on blends. We will go over some common ones and think of words that start with those two sounds. Then students will be able to, on their own time, play some of these interactive games online to practice their blends! I would like them to try every game at least once. No proof needs to be sent in of completion for the games, I trust you’ll utilize them! They are listed in order of difficulty, from easiest to hardest:

  • This game practices specifically ‘bl’ blends. A good way to start off simple.
  • This game can be played alone or with others! There are up to 4 players (your student can be all of them or you or another family member could do this with them), and you get to choose which blends you will focus on. Then students play this virtual board game and try to make it to the finish line before the other players. Great for playing multiple times, practicing different blends every time!   Do not practice ch-, th-, or wh-  even though they are offered, those letter combinations do not make two different sounds and are technically not blends! When those letter combinations are together they make one sound, which is a different skill that student will be starting to work on next week!
  • This game is aimed for second graders, but I know that our Kindergarten students can do this with a little practice. Students will have to “take pictures” of the objects that match the sound being said!
  • This site has funny videos to watch and games to play to practice all sorts of consonant blend combinations! Explore at your leisure, this is a great way to have screen time be educational!

Math: Students will be doing the domino subtraction page in their packets. Please watch this video in order to know what numbers they will be using on that worksheet. Then, send a picture of their answers! Students then will complete pages 455-458 in their workbook, which focuses on numbers 18 and 19. Send pictures of those pages as well when completed.

Science: Students will be doing the section ‘People Change the Environment’ on Pearson Realize. There is a experiment to do after completing the whole section, and I do an example of this experiment in the videos below (click the links)! After watching, try it on your own at home and send in proof (either a picture or a video)!

Intro to experiment:

Experiment example 1:

Experiment example 2:

April 21, 2020

Morning Work: Students will be doing pages 374 + 379, which is the second page of their packet.

ELA: Students will be live right after Morning Meeting for an introductory lesson on nouns. Then after that is over, students will need to watch this video about nouns and then use it to help complete the first noun page in their packet. They need to color in the page based on what kind of noun the word is! Here is a picture to help if they forget the different kinds of nouns. Then, have them write a sentence on page 12 of their Handwriting workbook using one of the words from the page! After they are done doing these two activities, take a picture and send it to me! Also, say hi to Waverly who makes a special appearance in this video!

Nouns, Proper Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs Posters ...

Math: Do workbook pages 459-462 in their Math workbook which focuses on number 20. Be sure to send a picture of their work. Then have students count up all the dimes you can find in your home! This is similar to what they did last week with the nickels, except with dimes they will be counting by tens. Send a picture of your students writing out the numbers when skip counting by ten, using the dimes, or even send a video of them counting by tens!

Social Studies: Students will be doing Chapter 5 Lesson 4: Long Lengths of Time on Pearson Realize. This concept focuses on vocabulary terms like years, decades, centuries, etc. This is a relatively new concept for students, so please have them watch this video link below FIRST before doing the work on Pearson. There is no additional assignment to submit to me other than completing the online work.–OqF/view?usp=sharing

April 22, 2020

Morning Work: Students will be coloring their decodable story that is the last page of their packet. We also will be doing our calendar, weather tracker, and sharing one thing we love about the Earth in honor of Earth Day.

We also will be watching and following along with this yoga adventure!

ELA: Students will be live following their Morning Meeting in order to read our decodable story together and identify nouns and verbs in the story. Then students will do the sight word worksheet in their packet for the word ‘said’.

Math: Students will do pages 463-466  in their Math workbook page. Then, they will do the Flip Flop Ordering page in their packet. Please send photos when done as proof of completion!

Science: Today is Earth Day! Students will be doing the first half of the section titled People Can Protect the Environment on Pearson Realize. There is an experiment that goes along with this, watch below as I do an example of the experiment. Students will have to make something more useful, so they are practicing being inventors! Afterwards, have students watch the read aloud of a story for Earth Day below. Send in photos of their completed invention or take a video of them explaining what they did for the experiment.

Experiment example:

Dear Children of the Earth read aloud:

April 23, 2020

Morning Work: Students will be completing pages 373 + 375 in their packets and doing another show and tell of our bedrooms!

ELA: Students will be live as we continue talking about nouns in depth. We will re-read the book Word Play and focus specifically on the noun character. Then we will do the second noun page in their packet in which they need to read the words and sort them into the right column depending on what kind of noun it is. Then, students will need to watch and read along with their leveled read aloud that is assigned to them. These will be posted onto ClassDojo.

Wordplay: Lehrhaupt, Adam, Chapman, Jared: 9780545934282: Amazon ... This is a great book for all elementary aged students to help learn parts of speech!

Math: Students will do pages 467-472 live on Zoom with me at 12:15 pm. These pages are focused on word problems so we will be working on listening carefully for details in the question and then picking out the vocabulary we need to solve the problem!

Science: Students will be doing part 2 of the section People Can Protect the Environment. After completing the online portion, students will then write a sentence in their Handwriting book on page 13 about what they can do to protect the environment. Use the sentence frame, “I can protect the environment by _________.” Then have them draw a picture of them doing that thing! Take a photo of their writing and send it to me!


April 24, 2020

Morning Work: Students will do pages 378 + 380 in their packets. We also will do our calendar, weather tracker, and review the coins that we have learned about so far. Here is this video of a coin song that we listened to! We also played heads or tails!

ELA: Students will be live in order to do listen to me do a read aloud of this week’s story of the week, On the Move. If you missed the morning meeting here is a read aloud of the same story: .  Students will be answering vocabulary and comprehension questions throughout! I will keep some students after to work on some targeted skills.

Math: Students will be live to do some mental math problems on the Sadlier website together as a class. Then, they will do pages 473-476 in their Math workbooks on their own. If you are not present for the live class, please just send photos of their work to me for proof of completion.

Social Studies: Students will do Lesson 5 of Chapter 5 on Pearson Realize, which is titled Parts of the Year. This section focuses on the seasons, which students have done in the past but could use a review of. Students will need to draw a picture depicting what season we are in now and have a photo of it sent in for proof of completion.