Week 5 in Kindergarten, Hello Fall!

Hello families! Hope the start of fall has been treating you all, let’s recap this past week!

In Math this week Kindergarten worked on writing and counting 5-10. This sounds like an easy task, but many Kindergarten students are having some trouble with one-to-one counting which means accurately assigning a number to each object. Many students are skipping objects, counting something more than once, etc. We will continue to do activities to practice this, but luckily it’s an easy skill to practice at home as well! Have them count small objects at home like beads, rice, coins, etc. Students have been getting better at writing their numbers and recognizing them, but six and nine are tricky ones. When you see numbers while you are out and about, have your child tell you what numbers they are!

With the start of Fall, we have been learning about the seasons and the differences between them all. One of the ways students can differentiate between the seasons is talking about how we dress for the weather. We played a game where students were given a picture of something they might wear or an object they might use during that season and had them match it to the correct season.

In reading, we worked on letters Cc, Gg, Wy, and Yy. We talked about soft C’s and soft G’s, and the soft C’s were especially tricky for students. We also added some more words to our word wall including “is” and “he”. Students did a great job using those words in a sentence! When reading together, be sure to point those words out and have your student try them out!

Kindergarten also practiced listening for rhyming words, which they have so much fun with! Some of them even came up with some nonsense rhyming words as well! Rhymes are easy to find in music which is why that is one of my biggest recommendations when practicing identifying rhyming words at home. Students have also been showing a lot of interest in reading lately! Many even choosing it as their preferred activity! It’s so lovely to hear them create their own story by utilizing the pictures. Next week we will also be adding some more word wall words and talking more about beginning sounds!

Students got some great building and puzzle practice in this week. It was also Club week, which students are really enjoying! Some students even joined Ms. Patty’s Puzzle Club!

SO many more students have been enjoying their ticket prizes for good behavior! And our good behavior jar is filling up rapidly! I am so impressed by this class and their effort that they put in to becoming better students. This week we also got to have one final lesson with our guidance counselor Mrs. Shearer. We wish her luck as she moves along to a new career opportunity and Kindergarten is thankful for the time they had together!

We had an awesome time dressing up for Spirit Week. So many students went all out with their cool outfits! Here are what Kindergarteners did for Wacky Wednesday. 🙂 This week we go back to regular uniforms.

We have many exciting things coming up next week including a fire safety presentation and our Open House on Wednesday October 5th at 6 pm. I am so looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Keeping this short and sweet, please let me know if you have any questions about anything at all. Talk soon.



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