Week 5 in Kindergarten, Hello Fall!

Hello families! Hope the start of fall has been treating you all, let’s recap this past week!

In Math this week Kindergarten worked on writing and counting 5-10. This sounds like an easy task, but many Kindergarten students are having some trouble with one-to-one counting which means accurately assigning a number to each object. Many students are skipping objects, counting something more than once, etc. We will continue to do activities to practice this, but luckily it’s an easy skill to practice at home as well! Have them count small objects at home like beads, rice, coins, etc. Students have been getting better at writing their numbers and recognizing them, but six and nine are tricky ones. When you see numbers while you are out and about, have your child tell you what numbers they are!

With the start of Fall, we have been learning about the seasons and the differences between them all. One of the ways students can differentiate between the seasons is talking about how we dress for the weather. We played a game where students were given a picture of something they might wear or an object they might use during that season and had them match it to the correct season.

In reading, we worked on letters Cc, Gg, Wy, and Yy. We talked about soft C’s and soft G’s, and the soft C’s were especially tricky for students. We also added some more words to our word wall including “is” and “he”. Students did a great job using those words in a sentence! When reading together, be sure to point those words out and have your student try them out!

Kindergarten also practiced listening for rhyming words, which they have so much fun with! Some of them even came up with some nonsense rhyming words as well! Rhymes are easy to find in music which is why that is one of my biggest recommendations when practicing identifying rhyming words at home. Students have also been showing a lot of interest in reading lately! Many even choosing it as their preferred activity! It’s so lovely to hear them create their own story by utilizing the pictures. Next week we will also be adding some more word wall words and talking more about beginning sounds!

Students got some great building and puzzle practice in this week. It was also Club week, which students are really enjoying! Some students even joined Ms. Patty’s Puzzle Club!

SO many more students have been enjoying their ticket prizes for good behavior! And our good behavior jar is filling up rapidly! I am so impressed by this class and their effort that they put in to becoming better students. This week we also got to have one final lesson with our guidance counselor Mrs. Shearer. We wish her luck as she moves along to a new career opportunity and Kindergarten is thankful for the time they had together!

We had an awesome time dressing up for Spirit Week. So many students went all out with their cool outfits! Here are what Kindergarteners did for Wacky Wednesday. ๐Ÿ™‚ This week we go back to regular uniforms.

We have many exciting things coming up next week including a fire safety presentation and our Open House on Wednesday October 5th at 6 pm. I am so looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Keeping this short and sweet, please let me know if you have any questions about anything at all. Talk soon.



Ms. V

Week 4 of Kindergarten!

Hello everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying the fall weather! Before getting into this past week I just want to remind you that starting tomorrow we will be celebrating Spirit Week! Each day has a theme and I have reattached the flyer that was sent out from Mr. Barr. On Thursday, students were sent home with a school shirt provided by the PTSO that can be worn this coming Thursday for School Spirit Day!

This past week we focused on the letters Ss, Uu, Mm, and Rr! Students have been practicing listening to the first sound in a word to see if it matches the letter that we are focusing on. They have been doing a great job! DIBELS tests were also administered this week to see where students are at with their reading skills. Listening for and isolating the first sound in a word is one of the major skills on that test. The results of those test give us a starting point to see how students grow in their phonics knowledge throughout the year, help us determine their reading readiness, and help provide them with additional reading services if needed.

We also have been playing games such as alphabet match to practice identifying our letters, and we can even step it up a little and incorporate letter sounds into this game! Some students also got a chance to start reading some decodable books, which use picture clues and sight words that we have learned so students can easily read them.

We have several words up that students have learned and are continuing to review! Words like “the” and “am” are considered sight words and/or high frequency words. The difference being that sight words are words that students have to memorize because they don’t follow typical spelling and phonics rules, high frequency words are just words that appear often in the English language. I will be sending home a set of the words that we have been working on so that you all can practice these words at home along with the letters!

In class we practice finding some of these words in our morning message every day. We also will continue making sentences with these words.

These are one of the books we have read this past week, and the others that we will read more of this week! Kindergarten was so excited about the start of Fall and we have been discussing the ways the weather will change. We have been making many observations about the weather, and we even have learned that a scientist who studies the weather is called a meteorologist! Later this week will continue learning about all of the seasons. This is something we do during our morning meeting, where we also have been practicing our days of the week and our months of the year!

In Math this week we practiced ordering numbers 1 through 5. We use the words “counting order” and practiced rearranging mixed up numbers to put them back into counting order. We also introduced the words fewer/fewest, more/more, and equal. These are words that we will continue to learn and elaborate on. This upcoming week we will practice writing and identifying numbers 6 through 10.

In Social Studies we wrote a sentence about and drew pictures of our family. The students came up with some beautiful words about their families!

Now that students have been earning more and more tickets for good behavior, they have begun turning them in for prizes! This week a few students got the prize of flexible seating for a day. They got to choose a special kind of seat to use throughout the day instead of their regular chair. Flexible seating is a great option for students to be able to have some freedom, comfort, and ability to move their body throughout the day in a way that is not a distraction. Other students chose to have lunch with me for a day, which is always a fun treat for the both of us!

Students have been exploring many fun activities during morning work time and Free Play. One of the students’ favorite activities is to play with the uncooked macaroni pasta. They love to pretend they are working at a mac n’ cheese restaurant! It also was fun to watch students build this very tall tower with connecting blocks – they came up with the solution to use the stool to build the tower up even more all on their own!

Last weekend, Logan got to take home our class pet of the month – Penny! He got a chance to share the things they did together over the weekend. This weekend Laila got to take Penny home, and we can’t wait to hear all about their adventures!

Lastly, we celebrated two birthdays this week! To Logan and Tristan Neal, happy sixth birthday! Thank you to their parents for bringing in birthday treats for the class. They had so much fun celebrating their friends.

I’m looking forward to this upcoming, FUN week we have ahead of us! Please continue to check students’ folders daily for important information, their completed work, and more!

Have a great rest of your night!



Ms. V ๐Ÿ™‚

Week 3!

Hello everyone!

I hope your weekend has been treating you well! Kindergarten had a very exciting week, let’s get into it!

We had a new student join us the week, and Kindergarten was so welcoming to him. We are happy to have you Neko!

In Reading this week we worked on the letters Ll, Ff, Hh, and Pp.

We practiced sorting the new letters by uppercase and lowercase, we made frog headbands for the letter Ff, and more! We not only have been working on letter recognition, handwriting, and introducing letter sounds but we also have been introducing the difference between vowels and consonants. We will not get into more detail about this until later in the year but I would rather them be familiar with the words now. When going over the words we have been also listening to some songs that help us remember the letter sound each letter makes — our current favorite is the videos that Have Fun Teaching’s channel makes on Youtube!

Some fun activities we did to practice these new letters we learned (and review the letters from the previous week) involved doing centers that included letter tile and letter magnet exploration, an uppercase and lowercase matching puzzle, letter tracing in sand, rhyming puzzles, and word puzzles. Some of these centers were more open ended and allowed students to just experiment and get more exposure to letters (for example, students loved grouping letter tiles together like finding all the Aa’s, etc.), while others had more structure. Most of the puzzles we use are self-correcting, to encourage independence to ensure they are retaining accurate information. Letter tracing in sand is a great way to use a sensory tool to also practice handwriting!

We also have been working on learning the difference between a letter and a word. This is a skill that is part of “concepts of print”. Students need to recognize that letters have individual sounds but when they are put together they make a word, and that word can be recognized on paper by the way print is grouped together. We talked about finger spaces (aka, meatball spaces – LOL) that show us when one word has ended, and spaghetti spaces which is the much more minute space in between letters in a word so that we are still able to determine what those letters are. An easy way to keep practicing this is to have your child sit next to you while you read aloud to them and point to each word while you read. This also models what they will be learning to do later this year, and connects sound to print.

This week in Math we finished up our chapter on sorting and have moved on to reviewing numbers 1 through 5. We focused mainly on writing these numbers correctly/recognizing what the number looks like and identifying the number word. Next week will be working on ordering these numbers and learning vocabulary words such as fewer, most, and equal to. We also have been periodically been discussing patterns to continue to strengthen that skill.

Some other activities we do to help encourage math (and science) skills are building! Building things can help teach spatial reasoning, engineering skills, problem-solving. Even more so, it can help build and strengthen fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and divergent thinking! We use lots of different building tools and materials — wooden blocks, legos, connectors of all different shapes, magnets, and more!

On the other end of the spectrum, we also have been utilizing imaginative play as much as we can during our Free Play time. Imaginative (or dramatic) play, which is when students are given the opportunity to pretend and imitate either real life or imaginary situations, has many equally as important benefits. Imaginative play fosters and strengthens language development, social skills, emotional competence and empathy, problem-solving, creativity, and independence. Unfortunately, in our society, children are usually pushed into only one kind of play based on their gender. Boys tend to not be given enough opportunities to practice imaginative play, and girls are not often given enough opportunities to practice building. The important thing is finding balance, which is something we try to do as often as possible in Kindergarten! We have things like puppets, dress up clothes, people and animal toys, TV show character toys, and other toys that encourage dramatic play like a veterinarian toy set and a gardening toy set. Closely aligned with this, is allowing plenty of opportunities to allow students to create Art. Another option I provide often during Free Play is the opportunity to create utilizing our Art Cart which contains scissors, glue, crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint sticks, and various kinds of paper. This also encourages creativity and independence but can still be an opportunity for students to practice fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, language development, and additionally can be a way to express their emotions.ย  As you can see below, Justice is showing off some of her creations!

In Social Studies this week we have been continuing our discussion on problem solving and our now moving into discussing different kinds of communities. While we have already learned about our classroom community, now we move on to the next tier of community — family! To kick this off, we read The Family Book by Todd Parr. This book beautifully illustrates the different kinds of family we can have in a very inclusive way, and offers great adjectives for describing your own family. Next week students will be writing about their own families!

Speaking of community, we also celebrated a birthday this week! The first birthday of the school year! Happy sixth birthday to Ta’Liah, and thank you to her mother for sending in cupcakes! For birthday celebrations in our classroom we always have a treat, the birthday student gets a chance to show everyone their baby pictures, and students all make a card for the student that includes that student’s favorite things (which they share with everyone beforehand). Some of Ta’Liah’s favorite things are the color blue, oranges, and playing with toys including her hoverboard!

This week we also read I Am Yoga by Susan Verde, and if you can, read the author’s note to see why I choose to read this wonderful book every year (sometimes more than once a year) to Kindergarten! They always have fun with it, and we continue to practice calming our bodies when we are feeling over-energized, angry, or sad.

Students also enjoyed their first time going to their club! Clubs at STBCA are new this year and have been included in our school schedule so that all students have an opportunity to participate. It will alternate with Mass, which is held every other Friday. So weeks that we do not have Mass we have Clubs instead! I am running the Arts & Crafts club for the upper grades but some of the clubs Kindergarten students are participating in are the Jump Start Art Club (arts & crafts for primary grades), Music Club, and Book Club! Students had the opportunity to give their top 3 choices and were then sorted into a club based on their choices and club availability. Students reported back that they had a wonderful time and we look forward to the next session!

Next week we will be working on letters Ss, Uu, Mm, and Rr in reading, and we will also be doing some DIBELS testing — this is the school wide testing that we do to measure reading and phonics skills.

Open House has been scheduled for October 5th from 6 – 7:30 pm. I look forward to all of you visiting!

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Enjoy your week!


Ms. V ๐Ÿ™‚



Week 2!

Hello parents!

We have successfully made it through week two of Kindergarten! We had a short week due to Labor Day. We also celebrated Mass together for the first time as a school on Friday! Students did a wonderful job with conducting themselves appropriately.

This week we began our true academic curriculum. For reading, we start with doing a letter a day and at the beginning of the year we are just practicing recognizing the letter. We started with letters Aa, Tt, and Bb. We do teacher letters out of order based on the sound they make, the level of difficulty of the sound that letter makes, and it’s frequency of use in the English language. We do introduce the sounds at the beginning of the year but when first making our way through we focus on being able to identify the letter. We read stories with words that start with the letter we are working on, we practice searching for that letter, writing it, and even make a list of words we can think of that start with that letter!

We also learned our first sight word — “am”! Students learned the word and practiced spelling it, using it in a sentence, and recognizing the letters within it. We added it to our sound wall, which has the letters we have learned about so far (separated by vowels and consonants) and underneath we will continue to list new words we learn under the letter/sound they begin with.

This week, we also focused on the color red. At the beginning of the year, we will do a new color every week not only to reinforce recognizing the colors but also to try and learn how to recognize the color word. These lessons are also great opportunities with using our scissors!

At the beginning of the week, we had a special visitor! Our classroom aide, Ms. Patty, brought her grandson, Bentley, into the class for the morning and he read the class a story. The students were so excited!

In Math, we worked on sorting things. We practiced sorting things by color and learning the words different, same, and alike! We also are continuing work on patterns, which some students need to practice quite a bit. Especially with patterns that are a little more complex than ABABABAB.

Another fun thing that students got to do this week was visit Mrs. Shearer, the guidance counselor, for a social-emotional learning lesson! This is something that will be happening once a month,ย  students will go as a class to visit her in her room and she will conduct a lesson on naming emotions and learning how to process them.

This is special addition to our social emotional learning curriculum that goes on in Kindergarten. Another aspect is that everyday after students return from lunch and recess we do at least 5 minutes of yoga. We do this so that so we can find some calmness through movement so that we can make it through the second half of the day.

We are working diligently on handwriting and doing other tasks to help develop our fine motor skills, like playing with Play-Doh!

This upcoming week we will have our first week of clubs, which will be held every alternating Friday (alternating with Mass). Your student has chosen/was assigned to a club based on their interests, and they will go to that teacher who is running that club and spend that time with them and the other students who are in it.

We also will be working on letter Ll, Ff, Hh, and Pp this week along with working on numbers one through five and the color orange.

If there is anything you would like to share with me please feel free to reach out! I will see you all soon!


Ms. V

Welcome to Kindergarten 2022-2023!

Hello everyone! Welcome to our first newsletter of the school year! Here I will recap our week to give you all some insight into what we are learning about in Kindergarten, and keep you updated with some reminders. I want to first start off with a safety reminder:

Please do not send your student with any foods containing peanuts! We have two students in our classroom that have severe peanut allergies, and it is also against the school’s food policy. We do not allow peanut products in classrooms or the cafeteria. Even the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches provided at lunch are not actually made with peanut butter, but with sun butter (which is made from sunflower seeds). If anyone would like to donate more snacks for our classroom please bring them to the front office or to me!

We have nine students this year! I am excited to have a smaller group so that we can build strong relationships with each other and so that each student can get time for small group and one-on-one instruction.

On the first and second days of school we read a few books to help us get familiar with starting in a new class. We discussed all of the feelings we could be having: nervousness, excitement, sadness, etc. We also got a quick introduction into some of the fun things we will be doing over the course of the year! Students also got a chance to meet the new principal, Mr. Barr, and learn about his 3 R’s: Respect Yourself, Respect Others, and Respect Our School.

We also created our own rules for our classroom on the first full day of school. Students collaborated on what the rules should be and then each one came and signed their name. We discussed how when you sign something with your name you are agreeing to what is said, and you are promising to follow the rules. These are hanging up in our room so students can see them and they can be referred to often. On this past Thursday and Friday, we began our Social Studies curriculum which begins with talking about rules and being a good classmate to others. We discussed the importance of sharing, asking for things the polite way, and working together to solve problems.

To start the school year we take a whole week to go over the different kinds of supplies we use in our room. For example, on Friday we discussed crayons, Monday we discussed pencils, Tuesday we discussed markers, Wednesday we discussed scissors, and Thursday we discussed glue. We had activities to go along with each lesson such as tracing the alphabet and their names, and coloring pieces to a puzzle that students later cut out after learning how to use scissors. We also read the story Purple, Green, and Yellowย to learn about how we can safely use markers!

For glue, we did a project that is now posted in our hallway in which students glued pieces of tissue paper to their name after listening to the story Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. This was a great way for students to practice some fine motor skills and letter recognition.

Students have started their Handwriting curriculum already, as it begins with learning how to trace, how to hold a pencil correctly, and how to make different kinds of motions with their hands. We want to encourage correct posture and having students learn how to write correctly on our writing lines.

This week we also introduced our classroom library and the importance of reading. We discussed the way you hold a book, that we read (and write) from left to right, and that we can learn a lot about what is happening in a story by looking at the pictures. To reiterate the importance of pictures, we read the story Good Dog, Carl which only has two short sentences within the whole book. Students had to look at the pictures and use critical thinking to figure out what the story was about. This helps encourage students who might feel like because they don’t know how to read that there is no reason for them to look at books. But exploring books and print helps develop their reading skills!

Later in the week we read the story Madeline Finn and the Library Dog.ย This story is about a young girl who struggles with reading but when she starts practicing reading with a service dog she flourishes! Afterwards, students were then able to practice reading to their own “animal”, which was a stuffed animal from our classroom. This is something we will be doing often as giving students time to read independently is vital to encouraging a love for reading, and practicing without the pressure of making a mistake.

We also have been practicing how to appropriately play with one another. This is something we will be working on for the whole entire school year. Students have time to play for a bit in the morning as they trickle in, and at the end of the day they have Free Play in which they can choose between 4 toy choices and play for about 20-30 minutes. In order to negotiate working with others in a calm way we have already started our social-emotional learning curriculum by talking about how to name our emotions by reading a story called In My Heart. We also read the story Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns It’s OK to Back Away and discussed how we should take some deep breaths, walk away, and do something that makes us feel good when we are feeling extremely angry so that we do not make a choice we regret.

In our Cozy Corner, we have something called a Calm Down Kit where students can go to use some fidget tools, coloring books, and other things to help calm their body when they are feeling extremely sad or angry. There are also pillows and a couch for them to lay on and relax if that would be what they need. We discussed the rules and parameters around this space and we will utilize this throughout the year so that students can develop the tools needed for healthy emotional regulation.

This week we will begin working on reviewing the letters in the alphabet and beginning an introduction into the sounds they make. We will also be working on patterns in Math and talking about the color red! I completed an assessment with the students this past week that I sent home to you all, so you can see what academic skills they need to work on. I will be keeping in touch regularly so that we can have ongoing communication about how to work on strengthening these skills.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you so much and have a wonderful week!



Ms. V





Week of 1/10/2022

Hello everyone!

I hope you all have been enjoying this long weekend full of snow! Students received 1 or 2 sheets of homework focused on Martin Luther King, Jr. They also received a packet just in case of school being cancelled tomorrow. This packet does NOT need to be completed unless school Tuesday is cancelled. If it is not cancelled, please just send the packet back in with your student because that is the work we will be completing during the day.

We have been talking about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his accomplishments this whole week. This provided many different opportunities for important and difficult conversations. We have overlapped this with our reading lessons by using the multiple books we have read about him to also recognize sight words and practice decoding some short simple words. We also did some practicing with ABC Order and learning new words like “dream”.

This past week we did DIBELS testing for the middle of the year. Students were tested on letter sounds, letter naming, and their ability to isolate each sound in a word. One of the big goals for Kindergarten in the next couple of months is to get better at isolating every single sound in a word. We call it tapping out a word and we have students tap different fingers when doing the beginning, middle, and ending sound. At the moment we are working on three sound words but at home feel free to challenge your student with four sound words like “stop”, “skip”, “frog”, etc.

We were able to do a lot of differentiated reading groups this week, and it has been great to have students practice reading more and more. At home, have students read with you by echoing what you read and following along with their finger.

In Math we continued to work on numbers 11-20. We had students do plenty of hands on activity with just counting over and over all the way up to 20. Some students still need to be practicing this at home because many keep skipping numbers and messing up those counts. One of the phone ways we practiced this was giving students puzzles and making them count the pieces and then writing down the number on a white board before they were allowed to put the puzzle together. This helps me check their counting and their ability to write two-digit numbers correctly — many students have trouble with flipping two-digit numbers (this is called transpositioning). This is something we will be practicing this whole year.

Students had Ms. Byron visited this week to practice more social-emotional skills.

At the end of the week students had some structured “extra recess” as a prize won by one of the students, and one of the fun activities they got to do was use their stamps and ink pads for the first time. They loved getting a chance to be creative and make pictures with the stamps!

This upcoming week will be a short one, as we do not have school today and we won’t have any on Friday.

Next week on the 27th will be parent-teacher conferences. I have decided to make them all virtual in order to be safe with the rising number of cases of Covid-19. I’m going to do something a little different with conferences this time around and I will send out a sign up sheet for times and you can go ahead and fill in the time that you would like to have. You can manually fill your child’s name into a time slot onto the Google Sheet. It will be first come, first serve. If any of the times do not match up your schedule please let me know so we can schedule another time.

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions you have!


Ms. V ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday vacation. I know that I needed this break and have come back feeling recharged, and I hope that the students feel the same!

We had a shortened week due to our surprise day off on Friday. Please make sure to have your student complete the flexible instruction day packet that was sent home so that they can be considered present for January 7th!

On Monday students were with Ms. Kelly due to my absence. Most of the day was spent doing play-based instruction and reacclimating students back into the classroom and the routine. After being going for so long, it can take some time to get back into the swing of things!

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday students were lucky enough to have some work with centers and small groups due to having a few students absent this week and having Ms. Kelly in our room in the mornings. It was helpful for students to be able to split into two groups and have some more individual working time. It also gave the chance for some differentiation of the work so that it could be better tailored to students’ needs. We were able to use our tablets for the first time as well, which students were very excited about!

In ELA we went over the letters Ii, Mm, Ss, and Tt (in their F.I.D. packet). We reviewed listening to the beginning sound in a word but also listening for middle and ending sounds in words. For middle sounds we use the concept of stretching out the word to really emphasize the vowel in the middle. We have also started talking about long vowel sounds and short vowel sounds when discussing middle sounds in a word. We use our bodies to demonstrate the short sound by taking a short step when we make it, and a big long step while making the long vowel sound. We also say that the long vowel sound is when the letter is “saying it’s own name”.

We also added the word “my” to our word wall. We practiced finding sight words in our morning message more than once this week and even played a game where students had to look between two similar looking sight words and figure out which one I was asking for.

This week we hit hard with practicing numbers 11-20. We had a competition between students split into teams to see who could most accurately build a tower with the correct number of blocks. Concepts of counting higher numbers are quite simple to reinforce at home. In the coming weeks we will be pushing students to count all the way to one hundred so have them practice as much as they can.

This upcoming week we will practice reading some more short decodable stories and working on isolating more middle and ending sounds. I’m excited to have our friends back in the classroom and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!



Ms. V ๐Ÿ™‚

November Newsletter (Catching Up!)

Hello parents!!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding with the newsletters. November is the busiest month of the year in a lot of ways! So let’s recap.

In reading we have been learning letter sounds! We are about halfway through the alphabet again. We took a break to review and reinforce the letters we had already learned and to strengthen other skills like rhyming, identifying story elements, and more. We’ve also been doing a lot of decoding together as a class, trying to identify all of the sounds in short words and then blend the sounds back together to figure out what the word is.

One special day in November we got a visit from the Reading Is Fundamental group, who read a story to Kindergarten and did some fun activities with them. Then students got to pick their own book to take home! They were so excited they couldn’t even wait to get into the classroom to read their books!

In Math, we have finished talking about tally marks and numbers 1-10 and lately have been talking about 2D shapes and higher numbers like 11-20. These topics in Math are really fun to teach because there are so many fun hands on activities to incorporate. It’s interesting to let students play with tools and see what they do with no direction. With the shapes, many students made animals or robots but some of them began sorting them on their own volition.

We wrapped up Science this month with making a diagram of a flower! Students enjoyed making their flowers unique and we discussed what each part of the flower is for. Their beautiful diagrams are all hanging out in the hallway.

Also in the hallway is a collection of turkeys that students made for Thanksgiving! We watched a video about turkeys so that they could see what they look like in real life, and then students were given options on what colors to use for their turkey. Everyone’s turkey is so unique and they look great all together. We also gave every student a chance to share what they were thankful for, and they gave the sweetest responses.

We also have been talking a lot about our feelings lately. Taking the time to stop and figure out what we need to do in order to calm our body down is an important part of learning how to deal with our emotions. Our school counselors have been a big help in our room as well!

Students have received, and will continue to receive differentiated homework based on what each student needs to be working on and to also give you all a good idea of what kind of academic reinforcement is needed at home! As Thanksgiving break is coming up please don’t forget to utilize the time off to read as much as you can with your student! I hope you all have a safe time with family over the holiday!


Ms. V ๐Ÿ™‚


Weeks of 10/18 and 10/25


I hope you all have been enjoying all the Halloween festivities this long weekend. Here is a recap of the past two weeks in Kindergarten!

In Reading we have really been diving into doing our letter sounds. We wrapped up the alphabet and then began it all over, this time around focusing on the sounds the letters make and what words start with those letters. We worked on letters Pp, Nn, Cc, Bb, Rr, and Dd. We have been making charts with a list of words that have that letter in the beginning. We also have been working in our reading books to also practice writing these letters and words.

We also have been working on more sight words and finding them independently. In their Flexible Instruction packet they received a list of sight words to practice at home. I will be sending out some more words as the year goes on.

Math puzzles have been a regular practice to practice number recognition and sequencing.

We have still been reviewing numbers 0-10, on how to write them correctly.

We recently started learning about tally marks, and we did a tally mark scavenger hunt where students had to find the Halloween pictures in the classroom and count the tally marks. They loved the challenge of having to search for the answer independently.

On Thursday students had a full day of Halloween fun! In the morning we watched a Halloween movie and ate popcorn, and then after lunch students change into their costumes before going on their trunk-or-treat. All the students did a wonderful job walking nicely outside and using their manners. Afterwards, students enjoyed emptying all of the guts and seeds out of some pumpkins. Students worked together in teams to separate the seeds from the pumpkin guts. It was a fun sensory activity for the students, and it was hilarious to see the way they reacted to and described the feeling of the pumpkins’ insides.
We talked about what the seeds are used for other than growing more pumpkins. One group of students got really lucky and their pumpkin had several sprouts growing inside of it. All of the other students were fascinated to see what grew from the seeds. Also I would like to give a special thank you to Ms. Keica, Gregory Marshallโ€™s mom, for coming in to help Miss Kelly and I supervise!
Looking forward to this week, students got sent home with a flexible instruction day packet of work to complete on their own. Students have until Friday to finish their packets in order to be considered present for Tuesday, November 2. If the pack is not turned in by Friday they will be considered absent for that day. I will be available on Tuesday from 9 to 12 AM via email, and if needed I can be available on zoom, to help with any questions or concerns about the work in the packet.
I will also be sending out an email this week about signing up for parent -teacher conferences. I can’t believe we are already at that point in the year!
Let me know if you have any questions about anything at all. I look forward to talking to you all soon.
Ms. V ๐Ÿ™‚

Week of 10/4/2021 and 10/11/2021

Hello everyone!

Thank you for being patient with these! Let’s recap these past two weeks.

Kindergarten has been doing a lot of centers work the past two weeks. With Ms. Kelly’s help, students have been doing some small group work to practice some reading and math skills. They’ve been working on having the responsibility of working in a small group and working as a team to complete a task.

Ms. Byron, one of the school guidance counselors, came to our classroom to help work on some listening skills. Students will get visits from her a few times this year.

In Science we have started talking about how living things survive and grow. We talked about the things that we need to survive as humans and then we talked about how plants need very similar things. We made some KWL charts about plants — what students already Know and what they are Wondering. When we are done we will make a what I Learned about chart. It’s interesting to see what students have already learned so that we can see where to start and what they are interested in! We went on a nature walk earlier this past week, in which students used their five senses to make observations about the plants around our school. We smelled lots of flowers and saw tomatoes growing in the garden. We even got gifted some tomatoes and tasted them during snack time! We also read a story about grass growing, and it had a another message about how we all are unique and grow in our own ways.


Students have also been practicing their puzzles! They’ve even started working together as a team to complete some bigger floor puzzles together.

In Math, students have been working on putting numbers in counting order and forming them correctly. We have been using play-doh to practice making them. We also did a class vote on student’s favorite special in order to introduce tally marks, which we will be working on along with learning vocabulary words like ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’.

During quiet time (when we have our mask break) this past Friday students made some jack-0-lanterns that will be hung up in the classroom. They cut up shapes to make the face and some students even got really creative with their faces!

In reading, students have been working on letters Ss, Ll, Rr, Vv, Oo, Zz, Cc, Jj, and Qq. They have also been adding a few words to their word wall and practice using them in sentences. We have been doing words like ‘like’ and ‘to’ and having students practice reading short sentences but also picking them out of passages. We also have been utilizing tools in our classroom like our white boards to play games. One has been that students have to write down the letter I say out loud and hide their letter until we all reveal them all at the same time and see who wrote down what. Students have also been placed in reading groups based on what skills they need to work on and we have started working on those skills during centers. We also learned about syllables or “clapping out” the beats of a word and students have picked up on it very nicely!

Students have also been using their tickets to earn different prizes. One of the big ones that has been popular now is the new flexible seating prize — students have options to use bouncy balls as chairs as well as “wobble” chairs, scoop chairs, and more! Some students have evens saved up enough tickets to have big prizes like sitting in the teacher chair for a whole day and having their shoes off in the classroom!

We will be diving into some more Halloween activities within the next week! Please reach out if you have any other questions about what has been going on in our classroom.

Have a great week!


Ms. V ๐Ÿ™‚