Gimme [Week] 5!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay on this newsletter. Last week went by so fast! Here’s what we did:

In Science we are continuing talking about the seasons. Students got a chance to review the seasons and learn about why they happen. Then, we looked at different pictures of trees. Trees are a great indicator as to what season we are in. Then, students got to make their own trees for a specific season! We used ink pads, crayons, and even paint to make our trees. Now, they are out in the hallway for everyone to see! Yay!

In Reading, we focused on the letters Nn, Jj, Kk, and Hh. We also learned the words ‘my’, ‘we’, and ‘make’! Students are still working on matching upper and lowercase letters together and rhyming. Next week we will start to learn more about syllables and the sounds that letters make as we get closer to the end of our alphabet! In connection to the letters we learned, we also learned about koalas, kangaroos, jack-o-lanterns (more on that later), hippos, and hammerhead sharks! On Thursday we got to visit Ms. DeBruyn and meet her hamster, Tater Tot! This was a great connection to the letter H and to Science. We discussed how to tell if something is a living creature, which is a topic we will delve into more in the coming weeks. Below are some links to animal videos we watched. These are often watched and discussed during snack time at the end of the day.

On Tuesday, when learning about the letter J, students also learned about Jack-O-Lanterns! Just in time for Halloween! We first listened to this read aloud of the story It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse! This quick book showed students that Jack-O-Lanterns can have many different facial expressions! We then looked at some photos for inspiration. Then, students were ready to make their own. Using construction paper, pencils, scissors, and glue, students followed step by step directions and made their own Jack-O-Lanterns! They all have a stem, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth! Some used yellow to show how the face would glow when there is a candle inside, others decided to use black instead. Either way, they all turned out so unique and festive! We are looking forward to making more Halloween decorations soon!

The color we learned about this week was green, one of Ms. V’s favorites! Our color posters finally have a home in our classroom: hanging above our Word Wall and collaborative alphabet line!

In Math, we are continuing practicing ordering our numbers (“counting order”) and learning the words “before” and “after”. These are tricky to remember, so we practiced labeling who came before and after people in line to help us! We also are learning the vocabulary “greater than” and “less than”. During Math, students are learning to do their worksheets more independently. We often do problems independently and then come together to check them. Soon we will be learning about tally marks and working on writing numbers 6-10.

We also had a SURPRISE visit from Officer Coffee, and he brought stuffed animals and other toys for our class! They were very excited!

This will be another jampacked week, and I’m excited with all of the progress Kindergarten is making! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about what your student is doing.


Ms. V πŸ™‚

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