Week 4: Short and Sweet!

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful week!

Here in Kindergarten we are still getting busy busy with working on colors and letters! The color for this week was yellow, one of my favorites! Students are loving the posters they are making. They’re enjoying seeing the differences between everyone’s handprints, even from one week to the next. They also have noticed that we can look at the posters to see how the color words are spelled! We read a story called Green Is a Chile Pepper (A Book of Colors) to connect our colors with our Spanish lessons, which we started this week.

In Spanish, we are learning a Good Morning Song. We also talked about respecting other languages by not laughing at Spanish words or mocking them by pretending to speak it. Teaching the legitimacy of languages other than English is an important part of students learning to respect people from other cultures.

One skill we have been working on since the first week of school is remembering our days of the week! Some students have picked it up already, but some are still working on it. This is an easy thing to practice at home. Below is a link to the song that we sing at school to remember the days by:

This week we learned about the letters Ii, Cc, Ee, and Dd! Students are getting really good at thinking of words that start with each letter. We made disco balls to put on our desks for the letter D. Some students also got to practice forming letters with their bodies! This was a fun team building activity as well, as they had to work with each other to form the letter as accurately as they could.


We learned about iguanas, elephants, and dolphins too! This is one of our favorite parts about learning about each letter: we also get a mini Science lesson! (Hopefully, we can go to the zoo sometime this year to see some of these awesome animals we are learning about!)

For Science, we also read the story Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak, which helped provide visuals and explanations as to what happens when we transition from Summer to Autumn. Students have been very focused Weather Watchers! Whenever the weather or temperature changes, they ask if we can update our Weather chart, which we do every morning during our Morning Meeting. Soon I will be changing the job name to Meteorologist to make it more scientifically accurate!

We also added the words ‘he’, ‘have’, and ‘is’ to our Word Wall! Students have been practicing finding the Word Wall words in our Morning Message and in stories that we read together. This week, students are receiving Word Wall words in their folder. These are for you all to cut out and use as flashcards to practice at home! We are still working on rhyming, and next week we are going to start learning about syllables.

In Math, we have been reviewing the vocabulary fewer/fewest and more/most. For the first time, Kindergarten got to use unifix cubes to help us complete an assignment in which we were comparing quantities. Hands on tools help make Math concepts more concrete for students who might struggle with the new vocabulary! We also have been working on writing 0-5 and counting up to 10! We have been doing this by using Math puzzles and playing games like Roll & Color.

Next week I will be sending home October Homework Challenges! I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend. Please be sure to reach out with any questions or concerns, big or small!


Ms. V 🙂

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